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Robot Trading

Selling Robot Trading Programs

Our company produces robots by using extensive knowledge based on experience.
These robots can be sold to customers permanently or customers have the ability to test out the robot service for a given period of time, and if they are pleased with the service, they can buy it permanently.

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The Advantage and Disadvantage in Forex Trading

In forex, using the potential of leverage is a technique that enables traders to control a large number of capital by putting down a much smaller amount, it can help us to achieve a significant profit in case of making a successful trade. The Forex brokers give the investors the option of leverage. The leverage can also start from twice the initial capital and increase to a thousand times of its capital.

How do I start working in this business?

To start, you need to open a trading account with an authorized broker. Mostly, the registration process requires providing two types of documents. First is an identification document such as your Government ID card or passport and Second is proof of address which can include Bank statement, utility Bill and so on. The broker reviews and confirms the provided document and after the registry, a verified trading account is created. Then you can install the platform which has been provided by the broker and funds your account and starts trading. For more information on how to signup, please watch this video.